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Our Mission


We use the latest drone technology and cutting edge, mirrorless, DSLR cameras to capture your aerial photography and videos. Back in the studio, we use Adobe Premier video production software and Adobe Lightroom Classic. The finished product will be delivered to you in the format of your choice. 

Photography, imagery and video are our specialties! Our soundtracks are licensed FOR LIFE to avoid copyright infringement issues. Our voice overs for commercials are provided by professional voice actors. WE DON'T CUT CORNERS!

Our Photographers


Your image is your trademark. It’s what your customers see first. You can expect the same professional service from us. We will showcase your property, business or event. Imagery is our business but your satisfaction is our goal. Our photographers are certified and trained professionals. 

Why Us?


Our pilots are all FAA certified and our photographers and cinematographers are trained in their crafts. Photography is an art to us! Why take chances with untrained, uncertified pilots. We know the business, the technology and we have the experience it takes to provide you with the best product money can buy. Your project is "Mission Possible"  for us.

Our Standards

Mission Statement


To  provide the latest technology and FAA certified pilots and knowledgeable photographers and cinematographers in order to provide our customers with highest quality imagery solutions possible.



To set the standard for aerial imagery and photography in the industry and to to help bring your projects to life.



To LISTEN to your needs, to THINK outside the box and to CREATE projects that will make you more successful. Your satisfaction is our goal! WE DON'T GET PAID UNTIL YOU ARE 100% SATISFIED.


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Video Portfolio - Short Commercial (with professional voiceo

Check out this great video

Video Portfolio - Real Estate

Check out this great video

Video Portfolio - Event

Agrimerica Customer Appreciation Day

Video Portfolio - Real Estate

Real Estate Model Home in Sandhill

Video Portfolio - Real Estate

Real Estate Job in Villa Rica, Georgia

Video Portfolio - Company Infomercial

Asta Door Corporation Promotional Video

Video Portfolio - Short Commercial

1-Minute Commercial for West Ga Covered RV Storage

Video Portfolio - Construction

RP Paving Solutions Seal and Stripe in Villa Rica, Georgia

Video Portfolio - Construction

Full Depth Reclamation Asphalt Project in Haralson County Georgia

Video Portfolio - Real Estate

Residential property for Keller Williams Realty (Agent Janelle Burns Listing) December, 2018

Copyright Policies and FAA Regulations

OWNERSHIP, COPYRIGHT AND SHARING: All work performed by West Georgia Aerial Imagery, LLC shall be considered as co-ownership works with the customer. West Georgia Aerial Imagery shall retain copyrights to the completed work product for possible use at a later date in their portfolio and related advertising unless otherwise stipulated in writing. All usages shall be royalty-free. 

FAA REGULATIONS: The FAA regulates the usage of "small unmanned air ships" (sUAS) under Part 107 rules and regulations. The following is a condensed list of those rules. West Georgia Aerial Imagery will adhere to all FAA Regulations regarding sUAS , Part 107 at all times.

1. Never operate in a careless or reckless manner.

2. Drone flight distance is restricted to line-of-site flight only.

3. Height of flight is restricted to 400' above ground level (AGL) unless the drone remains within 400' of a tower that is being inspected.

4. Airport airspace restrictions and no-fly zones apply.

5. Night flight is not allowed without a waiver approved 90-days in advance from the FAA.

6. Minimum weather visibility is 3 statute miles. We can't fly in bad weather.

7. Drones cannot be flown over people.

8. No operations from a moving vehicle.

To operate the controls of a sUAS under Part 107 of the FAA Regulations, the pilot must possess a remote pilots certificate with a sUAS rating. 

Don't take chances with uncertified pilots. You may be subject to civil penalties.


Video Policies


Privacy Guidelines

We are serious about protecting the privacy of the public. If our video or photograph shows any individual by CLEAR image, voice, full name, address or uniquely identifiable information, we will need those persons written permission in advance of the release of the media. If a written complaint is received by us, the media will be removed immediately and the customer notified.

Child Safety Practices

Safeguarding the emotional and physical well-being of minors is a TOP priority. A minor is defined as a person under the legal age of majority; usually anyone younger than 18 years old. A letter of consent from the minor's parent or legal guardian MUST by obtained before they are featured in any photo or video. The participation must be voluntary. All Child Labor Laws will be followed wherever applicable. 

Video Content

The views and opinions expressed by our customers on ANY media production do not necessarily reflect those of West Georgia Aerial Imagery, LLC, its owners or staff. 

Copyright and Usage Restrictions

The media produced by West Georgia Aerial Imagery, LLC is the property of the company and its customers and any use without the written permission is prohibited.


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